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Sharing to Strengthen

The Council is one of 14 members of the Association of Industry Sector Councils of Nova Scotia (AISC), funded by the Sector Council Program of the Department of Labour, Skills and Immigration. “Sharing ideas, success stories, resources and expertise", AISC's mission is to grow and strengthen a diverse and competitive workforce.

We maintain close ties with health sector stakeholders such as employers, employees, industry organizations, regulatory bodies, educational institutions and government departments and related agencies. Our relationships with such a wide base of stakeholders allows the Sector Council on-going access to the expertise, ingenuity and guidance that helps us address the human resource issues of the sector.

2022-2025 Strategic Plan

Labour Market Analysis

The workforce and labour market are constantly changing. Access to timely information is important to understand the challenges employers in Nova Scotia are facing.

In collaboration with AISC and the other 13 Industry Sector Councils and employers across the province, HCSC is proud to present the below dashboard. The intention of gathering and analyzing this data is to provide employers with the necessary information to execute more effective workforce planning.

This dashboard aims to support the efforts of all members of the labour force ecosystem to move forward in creating a more adaptable workforce and robust economy.

A huge thank you to the employers across Nova Scotia who took the time to respond to this year’s survey.

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